Special Projects

Anat Perl’s design options are endless. Beyond the collection offered for sale, there is an option for custom design. Extra-large mezuzahs, for public buildings, statue mezuzahs, illuminated mezuzahs and more.

The Mezuzah sculpture for the Uri Geller Museum in Old Jaffa, Israel.

Anat was asked by Uri Geller to design a mezuzah that represent him for the new museum he was going to establish in Old Jaffa, Israel. Since Uri Geller is a well-known “spoon bender”, She thought of incorporating a bent spoon in the design of the intended mezuzah.

The mezuzah was cut in the shape of the Land of Israel from a huge rock from Jerusalem mountain. The size of the mezuzah is length is 70 cm, width 35 cm and a weight of 23 kg.

 The spoon on the mezuzah is handmade from iron. Uri did not bend this spoon himself but left the work to the artist.
The glass tube containing the parchment scroll is made by hand using blowing glass technique that gives the tube its special colors and textures.

Anat chose to light the mezuzah. The light emphasize / accentuate the script of the blessing parchment scroll inside the tube.
The stand holding the mezuzah for display at the museum, is made entirely of hand-crafted iron and forms a shadow of the mezuzah in the shape of the Land of Israel.
The result is an impressive Illuminated statue mezuzah that sure represent well Uri Geller.

The Hamsa Mezuzah

The mezuzah, located at the main entrance of the Uri Geller Museum, was cut and fashioned in the shape of the Land of Israel with a unique hand-painted Hamsa.

The Hamsa symbolizes God’s mercy that atones and removes the evil eye and nowadays is an Israeli icon and an integral part of the Israeli identity and popular culture.

With its unusual combination of materials: Raw stone, hand painted brass Hamsa and 24-carat gold-plated brass snail, this unique mezuzah provides the entrance door frame of the museum with beauty and impressive presence.