Anat Perl is an Israeli multidisciplinary artist, designer, and entrepreneurial.

In 2014, the “Blessing Stones” art project was born. It all started with an occasional trip to Jerusalem. As Anat walked the Old City’s alleys, she felt the stones were telling her a story. This Sparked her imagination and she thought of combining the stones in a traditional object found in every home in Israel – the mezuzah. Anat opened the first workshop in her living room and started working from there.


A Stone carry within it history and mystery. The stones of Jerusalem were the inspiration, so they were chosen to begin the journey with.

The first models began to be built and over time evolved into the unique and spectacular designs they are today. Each mezuzah designed by Anat is made by hand and is one-of-a-kind piece of art. An extraordinary, original and unique Judaica item which provide every home entrance and every door frame with beauty, prestigious look and powerful impressive presence. The Blessing Stones mezuzah makes clear statement of a unique artistic style of its owner with its unusual design.


As the brand grew, her partner Boaz stepped in and expanded the workshop towards the yard, cutting stones, polishing metals, provides his own ideas and takes care of the technical matters.

Anat’s designs make her Judaica art unique and sought after. She keeps checking new ways and interesting and unconventional combinations and keeps creates new models using unusual materials, different and surprising styles.

The Blessing Stones Art Project

The Blessing Stones mezuzahs, are original, unique and extraordinary Judaica art items designed by Anat Perl.

The idea behind the “Blessing Stone” Art Project was to create art that is identified with Israel. The Mezuzah is a clear symbol of the Jewish and Israeli home so the mezuzah was chosen to be represented in the project.

In the Jewish tradition, the Mezuzah is hung on the right-side doorframe at the entrance to each door in the house and the rolled-up parchment placed inside it. The mezuzah protects the house and the people in it. Some refer to the Mezuzah additional features such a guard against potential harm and danger, hence the letters that appear on the mezuzah are an acronym for the words: Doors Guard of Israel. The word “God” appears in the mezuzah is an acronym for these words.

Over the centuries, the mezuzah has won a variety of styles, designs and materials, and has become one of the most common items of Jewish art – Judaica. Because of that, Anat decided to turn the mezuzah into a unique art product.

A mezuzah is the first thing people see when they enter a house and it is a blessing to all who enter its doorstep. The presence of a Blessing Stones mezuzah on the door frame create an elegant welcoming.

The base material chosen to begin with was Jerusalem stone, inspired by the Western Wall in Jerusalem and various stones that characterize the Land of Israel, strengthens the product’s connection to Israel. The Stone Mezuzah was created. The design on natural stone, handmade one by one, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The unique and unusual combination of raw stone, brass coated with gold, silver, rhodium and handmade glass, create a prestigious look.

The artist applies high quality and durable materials that remain in optimal condition for many years both indoors and outdoors. they aim to be timeless pieces created to last for generations.

The Blessing Stones mezuzahs have special design that allows the written blessing to be seen. The metal ornaments on the mezuzah’s cover are Jewish and Israeli symbols that reflect a rich tradition.

Beyond the use as its traditional function, hang on the door frame, the Blessing Stones mezuzahs can be placed on a special stand (in a separate order) in the living room table or in a vitrine as a sculpture. The mezuzah can also be hung on the foyer wall of the house.

Over time, a special series of concrete mezuzahs was created – The concrete Mezuzah. This raw material is particularly interesting and allows to create special models, textures and colors. Its combination with pure gold, silver and rhodium, gives it an interesting contrast and unconventional look. The Concrete mezuzahs are processed by hand, one by one, using unique technique and natural pigments.  

Each item of the “Blessing Stones” mezuzahs is exclusive and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Blessing Stones mezuzahs fill your home with a special artistic value and a piece of the Land of Israel.