Star of David Small concrete mezuzah C4011S

The Gamla Mezuzah embodies an unusual combination of materials that give it an unconventional and sophisticated look. This classic piece fits in well with any décor and is a stunning addition to any home.

Product Details

Size (average): 8″ * 4″ * 0.8 inches (200 * 100 * 20 mm)

Weight (average): 550 grams

Material: Terra cotta concrete, rhodium plated brass, Pyrex glass, silicon cap, processed handmade paper.

A hanging device is installed on the back of the mezuzah. Attached are 2 screws.

A kosher parchment scroll is not included. Can be ordered separately.

A special stand to place the mezuzah on a surface can be purchased separately.


This Classic Gamla concrete small Mezuzah is an original and unique Judaica art item.

The Star of David, Magen David, on the mezuzah front, is a clear Jewish and Israeli symbol that reflect a rich tradition. The design, made of rhodium plated brass, reflects a modern and contemporary style that combines curved lines in a natural flow with a smooth shiny hammered finish creating a unique Star of David shape.

The base of the mezuzah is made of casting concrete from natural stone using unique hand-crafted processing techniques and natural pigments, making it a one-of-a-kind work of art.

The unusual combination of terracotta shade concrete, Pyrex glass and rhodium plated brass give the mezuzah an unconventional and sophisticated look. The concrete mezuzah fits in well with any décor and is a stunning addition to any home.

The glass tube containing the parchment, is made of a Pyrex glass profile in a high-quality finish. Inside the glass tube there is a place for a kosher Parchment scroll.

This mezuzah has a special design that allows the written blessing to be seen. This written blessing is made of recycled paper in a particular processing that gives it an appearance of leather.

This Classic Gamla concrete Mezuzah bring to your home style, beauty, originality and unique artistic preferences of its owner.