Harp of David Medium stone mezuzahs S1002M

This luxury Qumran mezuzah made of Jerusalem stone bring to your home a bit of Jerusalem’s atmosphere and a piece Land of Israel. With its unusual combination of materials and its stylish antique Harp of David design, the mezuzah creates a very particular aesthetic and provides every home entrance with beauty, originality and makes a clear statement of a unique artistic preferences.

Product Details

Size: (average): 10″ * 4.7″ * 1″ inches (250 * 120 * 25 mm)

Weight (average): 740 KG

Material: Jerusalem stone, oxidized silver plated brass, pure silver (925 sterling) and goldfield, Pyrex glass, silicon cap, processed handmade paper.

  • A hanging device is installed on the back of the mezuzah. Attached are 2 screws.
  • A kosher parchment scroll is not included. Can be ordered separately.
  • A special stand to place the mezuzah on a surface can be purchased separately.



This Luxury Qumran medium Stone Mezuzah, designed by Anat Perl is an extraordinary, original and unique Judaica art item.

The base of the mezuzah is handmade from Jerusalem stone, inspired by the Western Wall, gives it a warm look. The stone is cut in the shape of the Land of Israel, using unique processing techniques. The design on natural stone, making it a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The harp of David, on the mezuzah front, represent the instrument played by King David, is a Jewish and Israeli symbol and it reflect a rich tradition. The design, made of blackened silver plated brass in a matte smooth finish and strings made of pure silver and gold-filled, creates an antique style.

The unusual combination of raw stone, bluish handmade Pyrex glass and blackened silver plated brass, give the mezuzah a prestigious look. The Qumran stone mezuzah provides a very unique design that imparts an impressive style to each front door frame.

The glass tube containing the parchment, is made of unique glass blowing techniques that give the tube it’s interesting texture and color. Inside the glass tube there is a place for a kosher Parchment scroll.

The mezuzah has a special design that allows the written blessing to be seen. This written blessing is made of handmade paper using traditional molds containing fibers from different plants in a particular processing that create unique textures and gives it an appearance of leather.

This luxury Qumran stone mezuzah bring to your home a bit of Jerusalem’s atmosphere and a little piece of Eretz Israel – Land of Israel. With its unusual design, the mezuzah creates a very particular aesthetic and makes a clear statement about style, taste and artistic preferences of its owner.